Sunday, October 30, 2005

Chilldaddy's caption contest #2

In the spirit of Halloween, here's a pic from two years ago of one of my twins.

Check out last weeks winner on the sidebar, and don't forget to send him money.
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Saturday, October 29, 2005

It's late and I'm tired, but I promised

It's official, Cream is our very first caption contest winner. (note the new 'caption contest winner' spot in the sidebar under my profile) Congratulations, man, that was FUNNY. You should all check out his blog, especially those with an appreciation of fine food and the food biz. Now, Mr. Cream, if you have the guts to post your home address, I'm sure all of our blog buddies will be wanting to send you congratulatory greeting cards with monetary tokens of their applause and admiration. Go ahead, nobody on the internet would ever use personal information dishonestly, right guys?

So. . . I would have had this done much, much earlier, but I had a sort of a bad day (bad internet connection, bad car repair, bad news at work, bad barn door repair, bad guitar-inflicted headwound, in that order). Don't feel sorry for me, just send whatever monetary tokens of sympathy you have left after you mail Cream's greeting cards.

Good night cyberspace.... hey, you know, maybe you should think about getting some sleep too, you've been up an awful long time yourself (speaking to the internet, btw, not y'all), what's it been, twenty years now? My goodness, I don't even know. Now you get your jammies on and get up to bed, don't forget to brush either.


Well, I should be 'hitting the hay' myself, got a cute wife waiting for me you know. Besides, I think I've kept this joke going way too long, it's humor ran dry in the middle of the last paragraph. But, you know what they say about fatigue? Yeah, it makes your toes itch. That's right, and it impairs your judgement. And suddenly you're not as funny as you think you are.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Chicken tale

Wow, I didn't expect to have this much of a response to my silly caption contest, it's been fun though. I'll post the winner on Friday (if I can ever decide on one, anybody care to cast a vote?).
And don't worry, the next picture won't be of me, I just realized that their are three pics on this blog and they're all of me, honestly I'm not a narcissist.

Anyhow, I've got to tell you a scary story about one of my five year old twins. We had chicken for dinner last night and Paige started to choke - the kind of choke where they grab their throat, turn funny colors, and no sound comes out. Seeing your child in that situation makes your blood runs cold. So I went to her and was about to do the Heimlich, being a CPR certified medical professional (which doesn't make the situation any less scary), but luckily she coughed it up. I swept it out of her mouth and she kind of threw up, which is gross enough at mealtime, but meanwhile, my other children are watching horrified. After this she was fine and just wanted her mother to cuddle her while she cried, so I went back to my place to eat, being a medical professional who's not grossed out except by adult poo, and Paige's twin, Brooke, holds up her chicken leg to me and says with deep concern, "I don't want this anymore, Daddy."

I made her eat it - I'm a mean dad.

And yes, I washed my hands before I returned to my plate, did I mention I'm a medical professional?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Chilldaddy's caption contest # 1

Our first winner, Cream - the bongo man
"Flying saucer... what flying saucer?"

On renewed vigor

Guess what, I'm tired of issues and debates and things. I'm changing the format of this blog and I'm not watching the news anymore and I'm changing the format of this blog. Goodbye cheesy 'radio-show' gimmick, hello 'I'll blog whatever I feel like blogging'. In my very first entry I said that I'm not opinionated and I'm not real passionate about issues. Why, oh why, would I create a blog about that sort of thing? BAD RADIO HOST, BAD! I could never think of anything to commentate about, as evidenced by the extended absence. So... instead I'll just blog whatever comes to mind...


All right, let's do this -- a weekly caption contest. I'll post pictures and you write captions in the comments, and the winning caption will be edited into the entry.

This kind of thing is more in keeping with my personality. I can't compete with the awe-inspiring set of intellectual juggernauts blogging these days, so I'll publish silly pictures. And if I should get a wild hair up... uh, well you know where... then you'll read about it here first.

Let's go to the phones! Or... better yet, let's not do that anymore, it always was kinda stupid.