Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pretend with me.

Imagine if Bill Gates were a werewolf.

Don't laugh, think about it. It's part of the concept for my next book. A dynamic, creative, mega-billionairre, with a dark secret. What would he do? He'd secretly spend millions on hidden teams of researchers, trying to be rid him of his affliction. In my story, the guy (the heir to the Gutterfield Firearms empire) hires a gifted virologist who discovers the secret to lycanthropy and makes it controllable.

The disease has left the guy paranoid and slightly psychotic. He believes an alien invasion will happen in the near future and sees himself as the only man with the vision and resources to protect the planet. He begins to build his own super-soldiers, equipping them with futuristic weaponry developed by his company but withheld from the military whom they are supposed to be building weapons for. The first generation have the ability to shapeshift into certain kinds of mammals, and they are chosen based on the needs of whatever kind of mission he wants to send them out on. For the next generation, they begin abducting 'extra-normals' (people with superpowers) and taking them to a secret complex for study.

I won't tell you any more, but this is the framework I'm going to hang my superhero story on. I'm going to call it 'Silverwing', after the main character. But I'm also not going to tell you what his powers are. Sorry. Ya bunch of dirty plagerists.

If you happened to notice that a lot of my comments lately have something to do with superpowers, now you know why.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

You've heard this excuse before.

One more on the shelf.

It’s called ‘The runaway apprentice’, and it’s book one in a trilogy I plan to call ‘The Wizards of Krimsonspire.’ It’s 59,000 words, and 219 typed pages which are twice as long as the hand-written pages I used to write. Yes, I wrote the entire book on my new laptop, which means I won’t have to burden anybody with a typing job.

I just finished it today, which is appropriate, considering it’s Mother’s Day, and I’m dedicating this book to Cindy. Love you Babe.

Would you like an exerpt? I think I have one laying around... oh, here it is. Of course it won't make the least little bit of sense being lifted out of context like it is. (if this were still a talk-show style blog, I'd 'set up the clip', but it isn't, so I won't)

(photo stolen from some other site - I didn't draw it, okay?)

The sounds of pursuit grew closer.
He had no idea how long they’d been running, or how far they’d gotten. He sensed that under normal conditions, neither of them would have made it this far, but fear and adrenaline pushed them superhuman feats of endurance. They could be tired later – if they managed to escape.
Suddenly he saw a strange sight. Somewhere up ahead, there were lights between the trees. Was it firelight? It was hard to tell in his desperate headlong rush, perhaps his eyes were playing tricks on him, but it did look like multiple camp fires. If that were the case, one thing was sure – they wouldn’t be human, not this far from a road.
Ordinarily, one would avoid strange fires at all costs within the wilderland, but just this once, perhaps it was strange luck. He directed their flight towards the fires and yelled to Sienna.
“There’s somebody up there…” he panted, “probably not human… you have to trust me… and keep running no matter what.”
By the time they neared the camp enough for him to make out what it was, the sounds of the patrol were so close that he could hear their heavy footfalls, crashing through the leaves and brush behind him. He ran faster, even though he could now see what they were running into.
Goblin raiders.
Dozens of them.
The dark, gnarled creatures appeared to be scrambling to get ready. They must have heard the chase and figured out that it was coming towards them.
‘Oh well’, Zakrius thought, ‘we’ll either get through them or we won’t’.
They exploded into the goblins firelight. The surprised creatures froze with looks of confusion on their twisted, malicious features. These two human children were suddenly right in their camp, cutting through it like it was one of their own roads. Zakrius saw flashes of fang-filled faces with surprised expressions, and bald, dark-skinned heads turning their long, tapered ears toward the unexpected disturbance. Just when it seemed some of them were coming to their senses and might move against them, Zakrius began yelling.
“Get ready for battle! Human soldiers are coming! They’re right behind us!”
The bewildered goblins looked back into the inky darkness of the woods to see if it were true. The many sounds of barking dogs and tromping soldiers told them it was true. A sudden bestial howl went up in the goblin camp, and the raiders charged into the darkness, ignoring the human children.
Zakrius and Sienna just kept running. As they bored a hole through the thick vegetation of the dark woods, the din of frenzied battle erupted behind them.
And still they ran.

They ran half the night.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Chilldaddy misses you enough to -

- scribble you a bad picture