Monday, September 25, 2006

Regarding my Grandma

Here's what everybody has to say:




Veeflower - (updated)


Ole Krispy

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Something happens everyday

I didn't mention this before, but last week, we got a letter from an agent who's seriously interested in seeing an entire manuscript. She's not incredibly big-time, which is good, but she does have a bunch of clients who've published a bunch of books, mostly romance. That worried me at first, but from her website, I get the feeling that she's trying to expand her agency to other genres, like the lucrative young adult/juvenile market - parents do spend a lot of money on books for their middle-school age kids.

Please extend your hands in blessing, perhaps laying them directly on your computer moniter, and join me in prayer. "Lord God, thank you for this wonderful opportunity and wonderful blessing. I know that many writers go years without getting a letter like this, and the fact that I have within a year of sending stuff out tells me that your hand is truly with me. I pray that this be more than a tease or a taunt, Lord, that it would be ultimately accepted and published. Please Father, let our dreams come true, give us a book contract, and then a writing career that pays enough to support my family, in Jesus name. Amen."

In case you're not sure - that was sincere. So, in unrelated news, sixty farm tractors rolled down the dirt road in front of my house yesterday. It must have been some sort of dangerous tractor gang from a neighboring farm-town, making an intimidating foray into enemy territory - most likely looking for some sucka that disrespected one of them. I don't think they found him - there were no drive-bys reported in our rural mass-media, WFaRM - AM.

Actually, it was a twenty minute string of friendly, big-bellied, gray-haired farmers, waving and smiling at the twins. The whole thing was kind of abstract, but it did make me laugh as I was washing my van - turns out living in the country makes one a hick by proxy.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bloughts on thogs

Google has a great link on its main page today, I think those of us whose blogs are languishing need to read it.

How to dissuade yourself from becoming a blogger

If that doesn't do the trick, then try these.

Top ten blogger lies
Top ten reasons why nobody reads your blog

I've often suspected that whenever you find somebody with an outstanding blog they either A: have too much time on their hands, B: are desperately trying to avoid doing something responsable, or C: are some kind of minor celebrity. I think I have the potential of writing a great blog with hundreds of cyber friends, but the fact that I don't is actually a little comforting. Yes, I'm justifying the neglect of 'Chilldaddy's walk-in cooler' by saying I have a life, and its not in cyberspace, its in reality space.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The complete Ray Veen writing library

This seems to be the only thing that comes up when I Google myself, so if Google brought you here, you're not quite there. Make sense? True seekers of the mystical tripe that dwells within Ray Veen should try clicking this link instead: my current blog.

I wrote these blurbs, I guess, out of vanity, to convince myself that I really am a writer. This is a complete list of every story I've finished that I'm not embarrassed by. It doesn't include things in progress, or projects I've let mellow (like my superhero novel). To tell you the truth, what I'm thinking of doing is linking some of the shorter short stories to my new 'back page' blog because I really want to share them with people, and maybe get more feedback. I also want to have a writer's blog for networking, that other writers and potential agents can look at and maybe give me advice. What do you think? Is this a dumb idea? I'd have clear copyright warnings, as well as that sweet little 'creative commons' license, to protect myself from plagarism, but honestly, I'm more concerned with the welfare of my novels (being a potential novelist and all). For many good and nifty reasons, complete novels wouldn't be posted in blog entries. I mean, come on... hello McFly... duh... anybody in there?... just nod if you can hear me... is there anyone home?

Coupla quick notes: THE NIGHTLING is the first story I ever completed. It's not great, and not well-written, but I've included it here because, well, I suppose... for girly, sentimental reasons. STARSHIP MYTHICON is the first novel I ever finished. DIRGE FOR A CLONE is my best writing (not neccessarily my best story). EPIPHANY OF AN APPRENTICE is a stand-alone short story that is also the introduction to the sequal to THE RUNAWAY APPRENTICE. That book will probably be called THE LEGEND OF DRAGONSIRE. THE PROPAGATION is my favorite story. OMNIPOTANIUM is my mom's favorite story (and probably my best chance at winning a contest). SPECTRE VALLEY is my wife's favorite story - cuz there's mushy love in it. And the last thing I'll mention, ONION WORLDS is weird. Just weird. That's all.


Dirge for a Clone: (short story) Everyone can make a difference in this world, even if they only live for one day. A clone is recognized posthumously – on his birthday.

Dool the Troubleshooter: (short story) Small objects are randomly teleporting around inside a starship. As the entire maintenance crew scrambles to solve the crisis, one lowly alien technician makes an interesting discovery.

Epiphany of an Apprentice: (short story) Zakrius goes on a solitary journal through the wilderland to meditate, and discover his true motivation for wanting to use magic.

Mackey Martyr: (short story) Witness the slow, but euphoric execution of a wildly popular children’s character as seen through the eyes of his lawyer.

Omnipotanium: (short story) The most useful domestic technology in history should sell itself, but one door-to-door salesman finds himself taking a dangerous risk to earn his commission.

Onion Worlds: (short story) In a world where biological technology is sacred and mineral-based technology is heresy, one researcher’s project lands him in serious trouble with the authorities. Mind the layers.

Spectre Valley: (novella) A determined elderly woman on a mysterious mission hires a tracker to lead her to the haunted ruins of an evil city.

Starship Mythicon: (novel) Two human pre-teens are abducted by aliens and brought to the galactic hub where a thriving culture of extra-terrestrial races exist. There they make a few friends who help them steal a starship, set course for Earth, and try to escape the evil brain queen who first captured them.

Mythicon and the Psi-Spiders: (novel) While shutting down one of the last of brain queen’s rogue nest-ships, the misfits of Starship Mythicon encounter a dangerous-looking race of telekinetic insects held captive by a human man. During the course of the ensuing adventure, they learn that evil is not always as obvious as it seems.

Mythicon and the Mind Marauders: (novel) While touring an inter-racial space station, experiencing a variety of alien cultures, Cody and Katrina uncover a terrorist plot – or is it the first stage of an inter-dimensional war?

Mythicon and the Master’s Tournament: (novel) After Cody and Katrina help rescue a group of aliens from pirates, the true owners of the Mythicon, a mysterious race known only as ‘the Masters’, resume control of the ship and take them all to a lush, hidden planet. What they’re doing there and why, is something they could have never imagined.

The Nightling: (short story) A suicidal used car salesman meets a frightening creature in his own back yard – the monster claims to be the living embodiment of the spirit of the night.

The Propagation: (novella) Two office workers are yanked off the wave of time as it passes through space, and experience the horror of what lives behind us.

The Runaway Apprentice: (novel) A sorcerer’s apprentice and a homely serving girl run away from their cruel masters, braving the terrible dangers and mystical creatures of the wilderland surrounding their fief.

Thiefquest: (novella) A dragon has died of old age, leaving a vast treasure horde within a mountain, guarded only by a trio of gnomes and their gauntlet of traps. A troupe of lying, backstabbing, thieves and villains scrambles to claim it.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wot's e sayin?

These guys are in my newest story. Just thought you'd want to know. Hopefully it'll hold you over until I update, which I'm really gonna do - and soon. Or my name isn't Dill Chaddy.