Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rhyme Master Chill

I won second place in a limerick contest. Yea, go me. So I'm pretty famous now, there must've been like, thirty people at the stage where I gave my reading. I even signed my first autograph (actually a doctor from the audience wanted me to write my limerick down for her, she didn't really even ask for my name - it'll make sense after you watch the video). Other accolades included a huge cash prize of 25 dollars and two free tickets to the Michigan Irish Music Festival last weekend which was incredible and which is also incidentally where I gave my reading at the back stage where people didn't care to go because a really good Celtic-rock band that I would have liked to have heard was playing on the mainstage which you can almost hear in the video when I'm in-between lines of limerick funniness but what would have been a really good prize would have been unlimited free Guiness.

Guiness, as it turns out, is pretty tasty.

Monday, September 03, 2007


It was like, totally awesome. Lots of scrunchies, legwarmers, jelly bracelets, skinny ties, and the music was totally rockin. All the babes had big hair, dangly earrings, and blue eye-shadow (my date wore fishnets – yes!), there wasn’t no chaperones and they even had a keg. Principal Skinner woulda totally lost it if he knew. They even had karaoke! (it’s like this new thing where you just like hear the music with no words and you like sing into a microphone so it’s like you’re the real singer…um, it’s cooler than it sounds)
The only thing that woulda made this night better is if my date woulda let me go all the way with her - she thinks she's gonna marry some totally great guy someday so she's 'saving herself'.