Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I got nuttin

I'm feeling pressured to update cuz a all the recent activity ya'll been up at, but I don't got much a whatnot to say. Still here. Still workin. Still writin. At the moment I'm reading blogz, as you can see the little picture a me taken "at the moment".

I'm thinkin a startin up a new blog. One what just has family stuff an writin stuff an regular Ray stuff all mixed together like a fine stew. That ways I kin just have the one blog ta ignore. Ya know? Like normal folk.

Whaddya say? Would y'all come to visit me on a new blog site?

(And speaking of changes, I just gotta say that it amuses me to no end that Ms. Bunnyjo comes back on the scene after almost a year, and the first thing she does is tinker with her blog name. . . Same ol' Bunny. . . Gotta love 'er. . . Looks like I'll have to update my links - again.)